National Student Financial Aid Scheme: Application for Funding

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) Student Centered Model is Live as from 01 August 2016.

This means that:

  • All new applications (matriculants) must be submitted directly to NSFAS online (
  • Students who have never received NSFAS funding must apply online
  • All students who were previously funded by NSFAS and are not funded in 2016 must apply online
  • All students who have signed their Loan Agreement Forms (LAF) or Schedule of Particulars (SOP) for 2016 and are currently receiving NSFAS funding DO NOT HAVE TO REAPPLY. Funding will be granted provided the funded student meets the NSFAS academic requirements
  • All funded NSFAS students are requested to update their information online. Please log onto and create the MyNSFAS account to verify your details.

Attached are some of the new communication collaterals for your convenience:

New NSFAS Application Form (pdf & word format) for 2017 (only for manual applications).

  1. New Website links to first-time applicants and NSFAS funded returning students (to update their details). Please make use of the link to upload on your NSFAS website page.
  2. New NSFAS Application process
  3. New NSFAS master-Logo (that replaces the old blue NSFAS logo).

2017 new NSFAS Application Form

2016 07 28 External Communication from NSFAS Office of the Executive Officer. (2) (2)Final


Please feel free to contact DHET for further assistance in this regard.



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