Independent Producers Organisation to participate at the 1st Annual US – SA Film & TV Dialogue

NFVF Logo blk[1]In its mission to ensure representation, promotion and protection of the needs of the local producers, the Independent Producers Organisation has partnered with Motion Picture Association, International Film Studios, and the National Film and Video Foundation to host the 1st Annual US – SA Film & TV Dialogue. The 1st ever event to be hosted in South Africa will run over a period of two days, from today the 10th until 11th of August 2016.

For the two days, the film and television industry professionals will engage on pertinent industry issues through workshops with focus on topics including: South Africa and the Global Market Place, Pre-Production, Production / Cinematography / Post-Production, Marketing / Distribution & Merchandising and Animation.

“This is a critical event that would assist us in ensuring that our producers are at the forefront of technology, and that we continue to develop our skills. As storytellers it is important to collaborate with producers from other countries, therefore the platform will also guarantee the understanding of how we can best utilise partnerships in order to achieve our goals as a storytelling nation”, says Mr. Akin Omotoso, IPO Chairperson.

As one of the hosting partners, the IPO, through its chairperson Mr. Akin Omotoso will present a business case on the challenges and opportunities in the local film & television industry.

The IPO strives for a transformed film industry as well as a viable and stable environment for both television and film producers. In its quest to ensure that there is an industry dialogue and that aspiring producers learn from industry professionals, the IPO hosts “The IPO Presents” which takes place once a month. Visit our website for more information.

About the IPO

The IPO aims to:



  • Represent, promote and protect the specific needs and interests of producers.
  • Represent and promote the economic and cultural interests of the South African film, television, and video production industry locally, continentally and abroad.
  • Develop, support and implement growth strategies for the industry to increase local, continental and international markets.
  • Promote the development and establishment of aspirant and emergent producers and production companies.
  • Overcome historical disparities within the industry, based on race, gender, disability and sexual orientation.
  • Promote the industry for the good of the broader South African economy.
  • Promote a stable and viable industrial environment within the industry.
  • Encourage professionalism and high technical and creative standards in the industry.
  • Keep producers at the forefront of technological, economic and cultural changes.
  • Interact with and create negotiating channels and standard agreements with related industry organisations (e.g. actors’ and crew unions, writers’ and musicians’ guilds, broadcasters, distributors, etc.).
  • Regulate relations between members and employees or trade unions.
  • Promote health and safety standards for the industry.
  • Play a key role in education, training and enhancement of skills within the industry.
  • Inform and enlighten non-industry organisations (e.g. educational institutions, government bodies, financial institutions, etc.) about the industry.



Released on Behalf of the Independent Producers Organisation

National Film and Video Foundation,


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