Minister Nathi Mthethwa pays tribute to the late Prof Adam Small

“This is a sad loss to our nation as we have lost a legend of our times,” said Minister Nathi Mthethwa.

“Prof Adam Small has occupied a unique and inimitable place in South African literature, academia and culture. At a time when the apartheid government sought to use Afrikaans as a tool of oppression, Prof Adam Small strove to decolonise the Afrikaans language. Through his poetry he asserted the language as a language of the people and as a language through which the oppressed could articulate their particular vantage point in the world and claim their freedom.

“In this way he gave voice to a sense of cultural belonging in an idiom rooted in the way people lived and interpreted their lives. His body of work spoke in the cadences and the rhythms of the people and he extended the cultural imaginary of South African literature.”

“Of Prof Small must be said what Sekou Toure wrote, when he observed that: “‘To take part in the African revolution it is not enough to write a revolutionary song; you must fashion the revolution with the people.’”

“We salute Prof Small for his exceptional contribution. New generations must pick up the baton from where he has left it. Our heartfelt condolences go to his family, his friends and all who knew him,” concluded Minister Mthethwa.

For more info: contact Lisa Combrinck at 082 821 4886.


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