Social Cohesion Community Conversations

From the 20-30 June 2016, the Department  of Arts and Culture will be hosting the social cohesion community conversations in Limpopo, Vuwani; and its methodological approach is as follows:

  • Methodologically speaking, the community conversations will take a more critical and phenomenological posture
  • Conversations will be cognisant of the fact that oppressive structures are a lived daily reality for the majority of our people
  • The conversations will interrogate and mediate these constraining elements
  • Levers for social cohesion are located from within the communities [not so much solutions from without]
  • However, the conversations provide a dialogic platforms leading to finding of these levers (opportunities for cohesion)
  • Employ the “sustain dialogue” method – continuing with the dialogue – assisting tools and leveraging on existing structures and resources to sustain the dialogue
  • “Sustain dialogue” entails a process for improving relationships within communities that may largely be strained along, among others, racial, ethnic, gender, class, religious, and cultural lines

To know more about the conversations click on the link below:

Vuwani Social Cohesion Community Conversations Department of Arts and Culture


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