Arts and Culture continues to conduct Master Classes under the Living Legends Legacy Programme

The Department of Arts and Culture invites members of the media to Master Classes that will be conducted by legendary author Dr Sindiwe Magona and veteran actor Joe Mafela on 08 and 09 December 2015 respectively at the Market Theatre, Joburg.

During this month of Reconciliation, the Living Legends Master-class Programme will encourage intergenerational dialogues between the older and the younger generation with the aim of imparting skills ,  foster unity and understanding through the arts.

The Master Class is part of the Living Legends Legacy Programme launched in August 2015 by the Department of Arts and Culture to honour the living legends across all arts disciplines for their contribution in the arts, culture and heritage sector. The initiative is to engage the living legends actively in programmes that promote arts and culture development as well as provide opportunities for interaction and impart skills, knowledge and experience to younger generations of artists.

Earlier on Saturday, 05 December 2015, the music icon Caiphus Semenya conducted a memorable Masterclass on the power of music literacy and discipline at  Casterbridge Music Development Academy in White River, Mpumalanga.

The living legends conduct the Master Classes sessions from the legend’s artistically journey in the form of experiential classes and lectures based on wisdom, skill and experience in their areas of expertise. They will cover various topics which will assist artists in applying arts, culture and heritage skills into a business for sustainability.

Details of the event are as follows:

Date:                   08 and 09 December 2015

Time:                  09h00

Venue:               The Market Theatre, Joburg

Media RSPVs:  Baile Maunye

Media Enquiries: Teresa Magidela 0124413626

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