Deputy Minister Mabudafhasi officiates the inaugural Backing Vocal and Session Music Awards at the State Theatre

Deputy of Art and Culture-Ms Rejoice Mabudafhasi_blogArts and Culture Deputy Minister, Ms Rejoice Mabudafhasi, MP, will officiate the inaugural Backing Vocal and Session Music Awards on Thursday, 12 November 2015, at the State Theatre, in Pretoria.

The inaugural Backing Vocal and Session Music Awards presented by the Princess of Africa Foundation in cooperation with Chaka Chaka Promotions seeks to identify, recognize and reward backing vocalists and session musicians for their contribution towards the development of music in South Africa.

“Backing vocalists and session musicians are unsung heroes and heroines of the music industry. Their craft is often not recognised and accredited. It is their craft that shapes and moulds what we call timeless songs and hits of all times but their names are never mentioned anywhere. In many instances they share ideas with composers but they never get acknowledged. Occasionally when their names appear on the CD sleeves they are printed in small prints”, said Mabudafhasi.

“Their talents encapsulate what a band/group/lead singer seeks to deliver to its audience, hence their resolute passion and creativity should be acknowledged and rewarded while they are still alive to sustain their livelihoods and enhance their contribution in promoting local content through their African harmony and rhythms as we strive towards nation building and fostering social cohesion”, said Mabudafhasi.

Media are invited to attend the inaugural Backing Vocal and Session Music Awards as follows

Date    : 12 November 2015

Time   : 18h00 for 18:30

Venue  : State Theatre, Pretoria

RSVPS: Baile Maunye; 071 047 6770 / 012 441 33639

Media enquiries: Peter Mbelengwa – Spokesperson for the Deputy Minister – Cell: 082 611 8197 / Email:


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