Arts and Culture to opening Arts and Crafts of Botswana exhibition as part of Heritage activities

16 September 2015

facebook(Heritage month)finalArts and Culture through Ditsong Museum of South Africa in conjunction with the Botswana National Museum will host an official launch of the Arts and Crafts of Botswana Exhibition on Thursday, 17 September 2015 at Ditsong National Museums of Cultural History, Pretoria.

The Arts and Crafts of Botswana Exhibition is an opportunity for South Africa and Botswana to distinguish themselves as integral parts of the African continent by sharing aspects of arts, culture and heritage. This Exhibition will amongst others seek to strengthen socio-cultural integration, economic and political Integration as well as to affirm our African identity in its totality, diversity thus shaping the artistic and creative expression of the African Agenda 2063.

The Ditsong Museums of South Africa and the National Museum of Botswana has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a cultural exchange programme in the fields of the Arts, Culture and Heritage between the Republic of South Africa and the Government of the Republic of Botswana. The MoU will also enable collaboration between the two countries on heritage development and the development of the museums.

As September marks Heritage Month celebrations under the theme, “Our indigenous knowledge, our heritage: Towards the identification, promotion and preservation of South African’s living heritage,” the Exhibition seeks to remind and reconnect the nation with its rich, diverse and unique African identity, culture and heritage. The Exhibition will also showcase both the old and modern arts and crafts of Botswana. These modern arts and crafts belong to the tangible heritage, both what one can see and touch under the tangible heritage infrastructure and celebrated through heritage sites. The Arts and Crafts of Botswana Exhibition is set to run for eight months.

The event will take place as follows:

Venue            : Ditsong National Museum of Cultural History, Pretoria

Date                : Thursday 17 September 2015

Time               : 12h00

For RSVPs: Rethabile Selepe: Cell: 072 722 3149/ email:

Media enquiries: contact Teresa Magidela: 072 222 3169

Issued by the Department of Arts and Culture


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